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Let’s get real. Working in the mental health field is challenging on so👏🏼 many👏🏼 freaking👏🏼 levels👏🏼. Your heart, soul, body, and mind are drained as you constantly put yourself out there for your clients— seldom feeling like it’s enough. Even the most balanced therapist feels this energy face-suck (but let’s face it when was the last time you felt balanced in your work/life??). We hold TLC not only for the clients we’re currently seeing but past clients AND the future ones on our ever-growing waitlists. We can’t save everybody, but we sure as heck act like it. These days, especially when COVID-19 isolates us further 🙄, the need for a community of like-minded individuals is everything! That’s where Coffee + Consult comes in. We are that burst of energy you’ve been searching for. Like a hot cup of coffee, a relaxing cup of tea, or that much-needed glass of wine. We take care of you because we are you.

Your people. Your tribe. Your posse.

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Before Coffee and Consult, I felt so lonely in private practice. It felt like I was trying to make friends with people who were wanting to compete against me and "steal clientele." Now, it feels open and comfortable, and everyone wants to connect and work together, no one wants to steal from others. In fact, I have gotten several great-fit referrals from people at Coffee and Consult! I also love being able to send folks to therapists I trust in Coffee and Consult! I definitely don't feel so alone, and it is really awesome when my associates working with me feel comfortable and able to connect, as well. It's like a genuine community of support and encouragement :)

Alisha Sweyd, LMFT


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TherHappy Hour

TherHappy Hours promote communication between disciplines and create a cohesive unity in the community to better serve our clients. The drinks and food aren’t bad either...

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How We Help Each Other

By joining, you gain access to a community of people who understand the challenge and frustration of our work and can fully support you 100%. You gain an amazing referral network, so you never have to wonder whom to refer your clients to ever again. Best yet, you no longer have to worry about sitting through boring and awkward networking events and meetings again cause we don’t do that here.

Coffee Chat

Enjoy being a business owner rather than your business owning you

Have you been wanting to find success in your business, but feel like you're spinning in circles?

I have been where you are and have struggled learning how to start and grow a business. I have had to learn about the ins and outs of business over several years. Most graduate programs teach us how to be amazing clinicians, but not how to provide for ourselves. I don't want you to have to struggle alone.

Coffee Chat is designed to help you gain clarity regarding the next steps for your business with a group of therapists who understand where you are. The purpose of these meetings will be to provide accountability and drive performance in your practice.

You can attend the group meetings with a frequency that meets your schedule. At the meeting you will have an opportunity to share your challenges and create a clear plan of action to move your business forward. Members are encouraged to keep returning for accountability and to continue being supported on their journey to business ownership


  • Ongoing online small group
  • meeting every 2 weeks on Thursdays at 10:00 am
  • 60-minute meetings
  • $5.00 (+fees) for drop-in OR Free for Annual Subscribers

Business Book of the Month

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The Culture Code is all about how to bring people together to create a successful team. If you’re in private practice you may think that this is not something that is important for you to read about, but you would be wrong.

Coyle takes an in-depth look at the three skills every group needs for success. Firstly, creating a sense of belonging, safety, and collaboration is key to developing connections in groups. This is done through body language, environment, and communication. In therapy terms: empathy.

Secondly, you want to encourage vulnerability by being vulnerable yourself. Therapists are often seen as “perfect,” but you and I know that that is not true. Being able to model for clients that we don’t know everything and we make mistakes too, allows them to feel safe in opening up as well which deepens the therapeutic relationship.

Lastly, Coyle discusses establishing purpose by communicating where you’re at and where you want to go. This can be done in both creative environments and performance focused environments. Essentially, creating a treatment plan that helps to focus the client’s goals.

If you have a group practice, conduct group therapy, or are a part of any type of group (family counts!), then this book can be exceptionally inspiring in helping you understand why these groups are, or are not successful.

Dr. Tsunami Turner

Founder & Event Planner

Dr. Turner takes care of all the behind-the-scenes work here at C+C. She enjoys taking all our members' ideas and making them a reality to help solve any pesky problems you're having with your business.

When she's not eagerly plotting to create this community, Dr. Turner works as a licensed psychologist who provides psychological assessments for children and teens in her private practice in Campbell and Monterey, CA.

Dr. Turner provides private business consultations for beginning therapists who need help building their websites and developing their marketing & advertising plans.

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